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Moonstone Island's Holo-ween Event Available Now!

Moonstone Island's Holo-ween Event Available Now!

To celebrate Halloween, the folks over at Studio Supersoft have begun a special event called Holo-ween! This means that starting today, 30th of October 2023, players will be able to find three free Holo-Hunting potions in the Town Square. How useful, right?

Before I explain what that all means, let me introduce those who don't know the game to it!Moonstone Island is a pixelated deck-building creature collector title that'll put you in the shoes of an alchemist. Aside from capturing all sorts of adorable creatures — ranging from colourful and cute to spooky and even cool — you'll also be able to forage all sorts of useful items across the 100 procedurally generated islands! And when you want to go home, you'll find a welcoming community within the NPCs, some of which are romanceable. If you'd like to know more, I highly suggest you check out our review for it! It goes much more in-depth.

Now, for those who might not know what that means, these handy little drinkables will increase the chances of finding a Holographic Spirit as it increases their spawn rate by 10%! And the best part is that it'll last until the in-game day ends or you find one. But be careful, however, as the developer has warned that they don't stack, so use them intelligently!


Make sure you don't forget to log in and snag the three pots before they disappear on the 1st of November 12:00PM PST! And if you don't know how they look, don't worry — they're hard to miss with their colourful and starry look! Just check for an adorable potion.

If you don't have the game yet but want to participate, I've got great news for you — Moonstone Island is at a 20% discount until the 6th of November, which means you've got enough time to pick it up and go Holo hunting! Feel free to let us know if you like the game in the comments below, and good luck catching the Holographic Spirits! 

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