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Naughty Dog are Closing Servers for Their PlayStation 3 Titles

Naughty Dog are Closing Servers for Their PlayStation 3 Titles

With the PlayStation 5 seemingly on the horizon, Naughty Dog are finally closing the multiplayer servers for their critically acclaimed PlayStation 3 titles Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, The Last of Us and The Last of Us Left Behind.

The servers for these games are closing down on 3rd September 2019, giving players a few extra months to dive back in and relive some old memories. To commemorate the event, Naughty Dog will be making all of the multiplayer DLC packs available for free for each game up until their closure in September.

While the closure of the multiplayer for these old titles is unfortunate, players can still experience the multiplayer for The Last of Us through the remastered version on PlayStation 4, and play some form of Uncharted multiplayer with Uncharted 4 and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy.

Francis Kenna

Francis Kenna

Staff Writer

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