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New (and Free) Post-launch Content Arrives In Lords of the Fallen!

New (and Free) Post-launch Content Arrives In Lords of the Fallen!

After the release of Lords of the Fallen (2023), developer HEXWORKS has been hard at work churning out both fixes and new content, with certain large packets being given a proper title and associated new content, such as the previous The Pumpkin Patch! This time around, we have a new quest from a fan-favourite NPC, complete with spells and armour, in the Way of the Bucket update!

First things first, the update comes with a cornucopia of performance and stability fixes, in addition to some optimisation enhancements. For example, some areas now will have less enemy density, resulting to up to 30% fewer foes. Ranged enemies are less accurate at longer ranges, and enemies are properly leashed, so they won´t pursue you to the ends of the earth! Additionally, a complete overhaul of the bosses has been added to tweak the challenge, which includes better AI and even some altered movesets!

Moving on to what you are undoubtedly waiting for: The Way of the Bucket adds a new quest hosted by the beloved NPC. A new themed weapon and armour set has been added, in addition to six new spells! ALL HAIL, THE WAY OF THE BUCKET!

To coincide with the release of The Way of the Bucket, Lords of the Fallen is now available for up to 34% off across all platforms as part of the Black Friday promotions!

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