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New Bee Skins Are Coming to League of Legends Alongside Return of Fan-favourite Gamemode

New Bee Skins Are Coming to League of Legends Alongside Return of Fan-favourite Gamemode

Every couple of weeks, an update makes its way into League of Legends' Public Beta Environment. With updates come new skins, and this time around, a fan-favourite skin line makes its return with the new Bee characters! Some might say they're available in the P-BEE (I'm sorry).

Shown off on a post in the official League of Legends X account, three new characters are joining the ever-growing skin line of Bees, with Veigar as King Beegar (though colonies don't have bees, but we don't fuss about that), Vel'koz as Bee'Koz (Bee'Koz why not?), and Blitzcrank with Beezcrank! Of course, we have already seen the splash art for these skins alongside a short video provided by @LeagueOfLegends, but you can also check out longer versions for each of the champions on SkinSpotlight's YouTube channel.

None of the three skins have been revealed to be a Legendary variant — much like the other Bee-themed skins that League of Legends has released previously. This means that all of the skins will be priced at the usual Epic pricing, costing 1,350 RP each (or a total of 4,050 RP if you want the full set).

Alongside the release of new Bee skins coming for League of Legends, the PBE has shown us the upcoming featured game mode. The return of Arena has been confirmed, alongside a slew of changes to ensure it is a bit more balanced than previously. This does include the removal and addition of new cards you can get and balance changes to the individual champions.

The skins will be tied to patch 13.23, one of the final ones of the year, and from there, you'll be able to play the game and purchase all of the Beessential new skins you're going to get! It is expected to release on Wednesday, 22nd of November, so you'll likely be able to use them the day after, as most skins tend to take around a day after the patch to release on the client. 

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