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New Classes And Content Revealed In The New Tarisland Closed Beta Teaser!

After it's first successful round of Closed Beta, the upcoming cross-platform MMORPG Tarisland is going for another round as the Second Closed Beta rolls out! In addition to allowing new players to experience the title, a few new fun features have been added, in addition to two new classes!

The first new class added is the Shadow Swordsman, master of melee damage. The second, as seen in the teaser, is the Phantom Necromancer, a class focused on doing damage from afar and healing their allies! In addition to the classes, a new 10-player raid has been added, with related story quests to give some insight into the backstory and lore.

A new PvP arena and two battlegrounds have been added, in addition to a new rank system to deepen the experience and keep you coming back for more! With these additions, in addition to other fixes and changes based on feedback from the first round, now is as good a time as any to hop on in!

The 2nd Closed Beta for Tarisland will be available on Android and PC in Argentina, Brazil, Canada and North America, as well as select countries in Europe and Southeast Asia. Tarisland is scheduled for release on iOS, Android and PC in the first quarter of 2024.

Martin Heath

Martin Heath

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