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New Co-op Open-world Lost Skies Announced in Humble Games Showcase

Lost Skies is a brand-new title in which you — and a group of up to five other friends — to survive the terrible and magical world! This new game, developed by Bossa Games and published by Humble Games, Lost Skies is a new co-op-focused experience heavily inspired by Worlds Adrift, one of the developer's earliest titles. 

The world of Lost Skies has been shattered by powerful beings, and you will need to head skyward and adventure through the clouds and bring down the forces that shatter your world. Explore ancient ruins, islands filled with resources, and much more as you upgrade your character and ship to face greater threats and weather and venture deeper to discover the mysteries of the broken world.

Build your ship, team up with your friends, and head skybound in Lost Skies when it releases sometime in the future! Make sure you wishlist the title on Steam and check out the full interview with Luke Williams, the lead designer of Bossa Games, in the video above!

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Artura Dawn

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