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New Game, Nurture, Released Free for Owners of Shelter

New Game, Nurture, Released Free for Owners of Shelter

Might and Delight have released a simplistic tamagothchi type mini game called Nurture. In it you have to return to the forest everyday to find food for your babies. You literally nurture them for a month until they are strong enough to go out into the wild. The game is free to play for owners of Shelter and can be accessed through the main game menu.


Shelter is a game which lets you experience the wild as a mother badger protecting her cubs. Your journey will be threatened by birds of prey, natural disasters, lack of food and other perils of the forest.

You need to help your cubs overcome challenges as you help them become strong enough to make their own way in the world. All creatures are tested in the wild but will you be the one who survives?

The innovative and unique game takes you through the world of nature with a beautifully composed original soundtrack and is available on Steam now.


Helen Ashcroft

Helen Ashcroft

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Writer of randomness and maker of films Helen AKA Jetgirl lives with her hubby and 3 kids who support her gaming habit.

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