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New Grand Theft Auto Title Confirmed In Development

New Grand Theft Auto Title Confirmed In Development

Almost a decade after the release of the highly-acclaimed Grand Theft Auto V,  Rockstar Games has finally confirmed that the next title in the Grand Theft Auto  series is in development. There's been no official announcement on the title, and neither have there been any further details shed, but it's great to finally be assured that the next game in the series is on the way. 

With a new Community Update on the Rockstar Games website, the studio acknowledging the sheer staying power that Grand Theft Auto V had, particularly thanks to Grand Theft Auto Online, whilst also expressing the desire to push the boundaries even further than previous titles from the studio have done.

What is important to note is that this is not an announcement that Rockstar Games has only just started development, but a reveal that work on the new Grand Theft Auto game has been ongoing.

In the same Community Update post, Rockstar Games also announced some new improvements to Grand Theft Auto Online; such as streamlined experiences with content from last December's The Contract update, the ability to skip the Story Mode prologue before accessing the Online component and a Career Builder to help new players establish their own illicit business in-game.

Along with these updates, Rockstar Games has also announced that the exclusive Dr. Dre tracks from The Contract will be arriving on streaming platforms.

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