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New Snow Ops DLC for Dying Light Out Now

Dying Light is doing its best to keep fans busy until the release of its sequel expected to come out early next year, and this time, the developers are treating players with its brand-new DLC: The Snow Ops Bundle.

Perfect for the holiday season, the Snow Ops DLC includes a Winter Warrior outfit, alongside the unique grenade launcher, Snowstorm. 

The Winter Warrior outfit will keep survivors warm even in the worst of freezes, along with a 20% bonus to levelling up agility, power, survivor, and legend skill trees. Accompanying it, the Snowstorm grenade launcher has the unique ability to freeze nearby enemies and has 6 grenades in the magazine. However, it does have higher recoil than most.

The Snow Ops DLC is available now on Steam, PlayStation Store, and Microsoft Store for the price of £1.69/€1.59/$1.99.

Artura Dawn

Artura Dawn

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