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New Trailer for Dontnod’s Vampyr Released

Parisian studio Dontnod, creator of the critically-acclaimed Life is Strange and the ironically much-forgotten Remember Me, has released a new trailer on the 3rd of May 2018 for their latest action RPG Vampyr, which highlights the grim Victorian atmosphere and the dilemma faced by the game’s protagonist as the titular, well, Vampire.

In the trailer, which is a mash-up of gameplay and cutscenes edited together with a voice-over playing over-top, we are shown imagery like the main character ambushing a woman in an alleyway and drinking her blood, as well as hand-to-hand combat with men in the streets. Some information of note regarding the visuals is that the game seems to be running in Unreal Engine, like Life is Strange, and has a UI that includes enemy health bars and levels, hinting to more numbers-based RPG mechanics. The VO clues us in to three aspects to the story of the title: First, our protagonist, Reid, is a newly-minted vampire. Second, that players will have to choose whether to go through with or abstain from the consumption of blood, a possible moral choice such as the one in 2007 game, Bioshock (meaning it may have narrative consequence and mean you forego strength and power just to be a good person). And third, that there is some evil Goddess who is the source of of the vampiric plague, and could be an antagonist in the game (physically or metaphysically) which is an affront to God, which is blatantly evidenced in the the hero’s demonstrated weakness to crosses and the voice line which says, “It is the curse of the Goddess. It is the hunger in you, the need for blood, the will to strike and to punish; to spit in the eye of God.”

Aside from this trailer, there are some other videos about Vampyr that Dontnod has released, either indirectly by allowing journalists to publish footage of demos, or directly, by way of Trailers such as this one. The game is set to release on the 5th of June, so there's only about a month until we get to sink our teeth into this bloody walk through Victorian-era streets.

Caleb Ransbury

Caleb Ransbury

News Writer

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