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New Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Titles Confirmed

New Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Titles Confirmed

Today, Microsoft have confirmed four new Xbox 360 games to be added to the Xbox Backward Compatibility library.

The newest games to get added to the library are as follows: The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, Forza Horizon, Fable Anniversary and Crackdown.

If you've on Xbox One X, there's a new graphics setting available too, allowing you to either choose "Graphics" or "Performance" in the Xbox settings in-game. The former of these will give you up to a 9x higher pixel count, with increased texture details and antialiasing. Performance will smooth out the gameplay, and give you visual fidelity closer to Xbox One or One S - essentially, aiming to give you closer to 60FPS.


Here's all the games that support this new Xbox One X Enhanced feature:

There are over 460 Xbox 360 games now available in the Backward Compatible library, the above 11 Xbox One X Enhanced titles and 13 from the OG Xbox. Quite impressive from Microsoft.

James Martin

James Martin

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Platinum - 10:09am, 2nd March 2018

Will have to check out Horizon, thats pretty damn good of them to tart up a very old 360 game for the One X.

I was also planning on starting the Witcher 3, might give 2 a go now first as I think I got it on GwG.

Cheers Microsoft :)