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Nindies: Lumines Remastered

Nintendo Switch is coming out of its second year swinging with a huge announcement of Indie Games which are already being dubbed as “Nindies”.

 Lumines is a spectacle of colour, lights, music and intense puzzle-action gameplay. This block-drop puzzler has players matching coloured squares. With a variety of modes such as Time Attack and Puzzle / Mission Mode Lumines has plenty to keep you entertained. The remastered version will feature a HD remake and local multiplayer.

 Lumines Remastered will release Spring of this year.

Nintendo Nindies
Kayla Hill

Kayla Hill

Social Manager

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Acelister - 08:22am, 21st March 2018

Man, Lumines was THE reason to own a PSP.

LittleBigBoots - 09:40am, 21st March 2018 Author

This is my first time hearing about this game and I'm not usually one for puzzle games but this looks awesome.

pucechan - 11:15am, 21st March 2018

It's a great puzzler, like Ace says it was the reason to get a PSP for me, and funnily enough it was the first game I got for the Vita! :D

LittleBigBoots - 11:26am, 21st March 2018 Author

I completely missed the PSP, although I keep threatening to steal Nikki's just so I can experience it but never get around to it.