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Nintendo Direct 13th of February Overview

A lot of games have been announced, and a nice portion of them are brand games. But just don't expect them from your favourite series like Pokémon, Animal Crossing, or Metroid. Oh, but if you wondered if the Switch isn't just a port machine, well you might want to look away now from the quick fire releases.

Super Mario Maker 2

More creativity and customisability

June 2019, this a game that just builds on what the first made.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 The Black Order

When Avengers Infinity War wasn't enough of a crossover

Summer 2019, exclusive to Switch. This will feature characters from Guardians of the Galaxy, Avengers, X-Men, Defenders, Carol Danvers as Captain Marvel, and a host more. Venom was shown and the Inhumans with Medusa. With a leveling system, heroes will learn new moves and combos with their own extreme attack that can be synchronised in a group as an ultimate. 

Box Boy + Box Girl

Get your think box on

April 2019, this latest game will feature 270 stages which is the most in the entire series. Alongside this, there's a new character to play called Qudy who's a rectangle and will feature two player coop for its own slew of stages.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Version 3 update

Nothing really

Spring 2019, this didn't give much away aside from Joker from Persona 5 being the first character of the challenger pack.

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker

Buy One Get One Free

Out right now is an update that will make all maps playable in two player coop. And out on 14th March will see the release of new purchasable DLC for the game to feature 18 new challenges and five new courses. If you pre-order it in advance, you will be able to get access to some of it in advance.

2019 02 14 38

Someone's sleeping on the job

Blastained: Ritual of the Night

I wonder what inspired this game now

Summer 2019, a 2.5D platformer action game that's the spiritual successor to Castlevania. This game will have you play Miriam from the Alchemist guild as you seek to defeat Gebel before he unleashes an evil across the land.

Dragon Quest Builders 2

Build, craft, forge a kingdom (again)

12th July 2019, will see the sequel to the critically acclaimed Dragon Quest Builders. With a brand new story and world to explore, you'll be able to dash and glide new lands. Explore the hidden depths of waters for new treasures and see it all in first person. But fret not, you'll able to do it with friends in coop and online mode with up to four other players in its own mode. And if you're ever feeling the world is just too large, fast travel in its retro inspired map.

Dragon Quest XI Echoes of an Elusive Age S Definitive Edition

A port but a definitively good one no?

Autumn 2019 will see the port of the latest and greatest Dragon Quest to date. Explore the land of Erdrea on the Switch and more importantly on the go. Play it in 3D or in 16bit 2D, you'll find this version packed to the brim of content. With the selection of original and updated music, you'll even get to choose between the Japanese and English audio. But the biggest thing is the new stories of each of your wouldbe adventurers to truly make your journey a filled one. And if the adventure ever feels too grand, don't forget you can have a hand in cards or horse race the hours away.

Disney Tsum-Tsum Festival

The craze continues

Coming in 2019, if you've never heard of Tsum-Tsum before it's a connect-the-dot style game but with cute toys in a fast paced puzzle game as more fall you must align them and get the best score possible. But don't worry, this isn't the only thing, play a whole host of minigames in local or online with up to four players. And if want to test your Tsum-Tsum skills, local two player is possible in handheld mode. It is a Tsum-Tsum game after all.

Starlink: Battle for Atlas Update

What animals!?

April 2019, this update will see the addition of Star Wolf's Lieutenants as you get to team up with Peppy, Falco, and Slippy and hunt these animals down in a brand new host of challenges. Each pilot can take on any of the missions with their own host of skills and upgrades. More information regarding starship races and faction missions will be given at a later date.

2019 02 14 3

It wouldn't be complete without pizza now would it?

Rune Factory 4 Special

Remastered for more

Later this year, this remaster will feature romance options on top of its base content of farming, fishing, hunting, cooking, and crafting. And if you ever wondered what else is around the corner, Rune Factory 5 is in development with more information at a later date.


Are you ready to enter the soul realm?

Summer 2019, this game will see you explore and defeat an evil looming over the world built on the idea of souls and reincarnation. Travel between the real world and the beyond as you save those Lost from becoming monsters and those will cannot be reincarnated. With a intricate levelling system from freeing lost souls, this action RPG is sure to interest fans of I am Setsuna and Lost Sphere.

Yoshi’s Crafted World

Yarn Abyss

29th March, not much to say other than demo is out right now for you to try and that there'll be 180+ costumes to wear that purchasable in game.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Finally a sequel to Awakening, at long last!

26th of July, this Fire Emblem entry will take place in the lands of Fodlan. Garreg Mach Monastery lies in the centre, surrounded by the three ruling powers of Adrestian Empire, Holy Land of Faerghus, and Leicester Alliance. Acting as the homebase of the Church of Seirors, you as the main character move there after awakening a power whilst in your father's mercenary group. There you are enrolled within the Houses Officer’s Academy, where you also start to see a girl named Sothis. From there you are able to join one of the Academy's houses: Black Eagles, Blue Lions, and Golden Dear. Led by Edelgard, Dimitri, and Claude respectively.  Featuring a training system and its own leveling/upgrade paths, you will lead a house to beating bandits, stopping revolts, and become the hero this world needs.



Summer 2019, but if you can't wait soon enough to try this mech game already. A demo is out now where you'll be able to play four missions out called Prototype Missions where the final one will feature a boss battle as you control a mech called Arsenal. Selected players will receive a survey for their feedback, and if you were selected it can be sent to Nintendo's social channels. Be sure to keep an eye out as they announce more things on those outlets.

2019 02 14 32

Go Go Power Rangers!

Astral Chain

Is this the work of a mech STANDO?!

30th August will see the release of Platinum Games' latest action RPG game. Not much was detailed, but with stylish combat and interesting visuals. The game looks to feature a police vs terrorist plot with an all is not what it seems storyline. Nothing else has been announced as of yet. But as a side note, Bayonetta 3 is in development.

Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening

What if we had a Zelda game, but with toys

Just stated for 2019, this game is a remaster of the original Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening but with a striking new toy-like visuals and full 3D graphics. Being the biggest teaser to the Direct, this game looks like it's been built from the ground up and many feature overhauls, after all Link can jump!

Quick Releases

Quick fire round time

  • Tetris 99, free to download now.
  • Dead by Daylight, Autumn 2019.
  • Deltarune, chapter 1 is free on 28th of February with following chapters being paid.
  • GRID Autosport, Summer 2019.
  • Hellblade Senua’s Sacrifice, Spring 2019.
  • Mortal Kombat 11, 23rd of April.
  • Unravel 2, 22nd of March.
  • Assassin’s Creed III Remastered, 21st of May.
  • Final Fantasy VII, 26th of March.
  • Chocobo's Mystery Dungeon EVERY BUDDY!, 20th of March.
  • Final Fantasy IX, out now.

Wrap Up

What a weird one eh?

This didn't please all crowds, but for the RPG fanatics this was the Nintendo Direct for you. With plenty of strong releases to come, this is a quarter for Nintendo continues at full steam ahead, even if it's not as strong as their initial launch for brand new games. But what are your thoughts, let me know down in the comments below and was your favourite pick.

Owen Chan

Owen Chan

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VenomousAlbino - 11:12am, 14th February 2019

They had me at Super Mario Maker 2.

djd4ws0n - 11:17am, 14th February 2019

So, I didn't buy a Switch recently because SMM was WiiU only.


And Links Awakening looks awesome.