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Nintendo Launches Network Tethering App for Android in Japan

Nintendo Launches Network Tethering App for Android in Japan

Teaming up with the 3G mobile communications service DoCoMo Nintendo launches the, currently, Japan exclusive, Easy Tethering for Nintendo 3DS application for smartphones and tablets that run on Android today via Google Play.

The free application makes use of WPS protocols and provides users with a hassle free way to get their Nintendo 3DS consoles online whilst out and about by using data connections from android devices. For users who use the software between July and September 30th, those who complete a survey will be given the chance to download a free Virtual Console title.

Considering the prevalence of mobile gaming in Japan, with games like Monster Hunter having the power to make or break handhelds and increasing numbers of young people forgoing landline connections due to incredible mobile internet services it's not surprising that Nintendo's looking for ways to get players online and into the eShop.

The current list of devices that can handle the app is not that extenisve, but includes some of the most popular phones in Japan including the Galaxy S5 SC-04F, the Xperia (tm) Z2 SO-03F and the AQUOS ZETA SH-04F.

Jonathan Durham

Jonathan Durham

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With a backlog that would bury a man, Jonathan writes about games to ward off the thought he might, one day, suffer that very fate.

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