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Octane Remix is Out Now, Information and Discount

Octane Remix is Out Now, Information and Discount

The fast-paced roguelike racing indie title, Octane Remix, is officially out now! For those who don't know about this title, players are able to choose their racer and car and hop onto the tracks to prove themselves against the simulation dome, a holographic track that becomes the main entertainment in the year 2085.

What sets Octane Remix apart from other racing titles is its roguelite gameplay through the procedurally generated tracks that make every race different. Choose from three different characters — each with a unique style — and survive against the treacherous roads filled with obstacles.

Snag your own copy of the game at a 10% discount until the 14th of July! Octane Remix is available on Steam.

Violet Plata

Violet Plata

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