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Old-School WW2 Shooter ‘Battalion 1944’ Boosted By Major Update

Bulkhead Interactive's old-school WW2 FPS Battallion 1944 is getting a major update, dubbed a "total rework" the community has been clamoring for. This massive update includes a major performance improvement for all players, a new map, new game mode, new matchmaking system, and more.

“This is the biggest round of updates we’ve released for Battalion 1944 to date, and is the result of our mission to make the game as absorbing and captivating as it can possibly be,” says Joe Brammer - Studio Lead at Bulkhead Interactive. “We’ve been listening to our players and taking their feedback into consideration as we look to build the game in a way that both meets their expectations and offers a few surprises for them along the way, too.”

The new game mode, "Wartide 2.0" and new map, "Savoia," are exciting new additions to the game. This new mode will include a brand new ranked placement system called BattleRank. This new system will split up competitive play into seasons of roughly three months each, during which time players will be able to unlock rewards like new weapon skins. Players will build up experience in order to unlock new levels of rewards.

Bulkhead has promised that, unlike other "battlepass systems," BattleRank will be free.

Other additions to the game with the new patch include new weapons, a new war chest, weapon rebalances, map redesigns, new character models, improved hit boxes and hit detections, and much, much more.

Battalion 1944, complete with this major update,  is currently available on Steam Early Access.

Brienne Rose

Brienne Rose

News Writer

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Calmine - 11:21am, 13th July 2018

Disappointed by this after launch, but this looks promising, I may have to update on my time with it. That's if, the game isn't already dead.

djdawsonuk - 11:28am, 13th July 2018

This is not the 1944 I want a major update for... XD