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Open The Doors To Botany Manor This Spring With The New Announcement Trailer!

To be honest, I have absolutely no hand for botany; even the only plant I've managed to keep alive turned out to be plastic! Thankfully, I don't have to risk the well-being of any new flora with the announcement of Botany Manor coming this Spring!

In this calm puzzle title, you find yourself in the comfortable shoes of retired botanist Arabella Greene, owner of the titular manor. As you explore this homely estate, you will find research, ancient seeds, and clues on how to get said seeds to bloom once more. As you get more and more flowers to bloom, you'll learn more about Arabella's life and career, slowly returning life to the manor and its grounds. Accompanying you on this journey is a calm soundtrack and peaceful ambience that will make your worries disappear. So grab that trowel, and let's get planting!

Botany Manor will launch on PC, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox in Spring 2024. It will also be available on day one with Xbox Game Pass.

Martin Heath

Martin Heath

Staff Writer

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