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Paradox Interactive Increase Prices in Some Regions

Paradox Interactive Increase Prices in Some Regions

A user on the Paradox Interactive forums noticed the price of their games had gone up, and posted up asking about it. The user, whiteshade, had checked with SteamDB and noticed that it appeared to affect 25 countries/regions, including Hong Kong, Russia and "EU countries".

One of the Administrator accounts, TinyWiking, posted this statement:

Hey gang,
As you have noticed prices for our products have increased in certain regions around the globe and this is something we've intentionally done. The reason for this is to make our prices match the purchasing power of those areas, as well as create a more equal price point for our products across the globe.

Our prices have remained pretty much the same for several years and it's only natural for us to re-evaluate price points at regular intervals based on the strength of various currencies, fluctuations in world markets and many other factors. This is something that all publishers do and we are no exception.

Sadly this means that the price has gone up for certain regions and whilst this is something we'd like to avoid, it's necessary to keep our price point more in line with our other markets. We sincerely apologize for any frustration this may cause and hope you can understand why we are doing this.

Some forum users are reporting that the price increase puts some titles much higher than other comparable games available from other publishers. Some even reporting that with the Steam summer sale about a month away, it doesn't help paint them in a positive light. 

Andrew Duncan

Andrew Duncan


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series - 10:57pm, 3rd July 2017

Was going to buy Paradox game.. (poor obsidian but they should do better as well) Now will buy a bioware game that's on sale instead. Trying to get a few extra dollars and instead alienating a bunch of people who will now give you ZERO money.. what MORONS these big wigs are.

TheSphericalCat - 11:41pm, 3rd July 2017

Paradox have actually gone back on the price increases, though they won't apply until after the Steam sale because of restrictions on changing prices during the sales. https://www.gamegrin.com/news/paradox-u-turn-on-price-rises/