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Park Beyond Rolls Out Its 2.0 Free Patch Including First DLC Available Now & Trailer

Come to Park Beyond and live out your 90’s skater fantasy in the new — and free — Patch 2.0 for PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. Developer Limbic Entertainment and publisher Bandai Namco Europe have listened to feedback from the community, adding improvements to performance, camera behaviour, park creation, and quality of life updates for existing and new park owners and architects.

The update will also introduce the brand-new sharing platform, Parks and Prefabs, letting players customise their rides, décor, and more, and share them on the “Community Content" menu for everyone (including your friends) to enjoy. The content is available for all platforms.

Last but not least, the opening of Park Beyond’s new Theme World, Beyond eXtreme has begun. In it, players will create a 90s extreme sports vibe to their parks, including new missions, daredevil-like rides with flames shooting everywhere, skate and BMX shops, killer décor, radial, animal-mask-wearing entertainers, and half-pipe everywhere the eye can see.

Not to mention the ride that has a mechanical T-rex that shoots laser beams out of its mouth, and tons more to build and discover in Park Beyond’s new DLC; a part of the Annual Pass and available for purchase on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

Bennett Perry

Bennett Perry

Staff Writer

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