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Partake in the New Free Dreamlight Parks Fest in Disney Dreamlight Valley for a Limited Time

The latest major update to Disney Dreamlight Valley arrived earlier in May, though that wasn't all that Gameloft had in store for this month. A new free event has started in your Valley, and you should be able to join in on the fun while also unlocking exclusive and unique rewards.

The Dreamlight Parks Fest is back in the Valley after having combatted the Forgetting. Now, your villagers want to celebrate (alongside the new arrival, Daisy) to bring an age-old tradition back to life. This business opportunity—— err, festivity, will be started by none other that Scrooge McDuck, where you'll be able to receive the Dreamlight Parks Fest quest and start your journey.

Explore around the valley and find buttons scattered across the world to create unique items, alongside getting quests from Disney and Pixar characters to partake in the festivities. Cook cupcakes for your favourite villagers and fill their requests, unlocking various recipes for unique items in-game. From popcorn buckets to maps and furniture, you'll be able to decorate your very own Disney park.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Dreamlight Parks Fest Trailer 0 25 screenshot

That's not all! You can also go to the Community Challenge tab in-game to find information regarding an out-of-game challenge as well. The community is putting in the effort to unlock a slew of rewards, like crafting resources, Moonstones, and more, and all you have to do is take a picture of your park and share it with Gameloft on their social media channels.

The Dreamlight Parks Fest is available now for you to partake in, and it'll run from the 15th of May until the 5th of June! Don't miss out on the exclusive rewards!

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Artura Dawn

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