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Party with a YouTuber in House Party 0.14.4

Party with a YouTuber in House Party 0.14.4

As part of the latest update to the party simulator, House Party, there have been a lot of quality of life changes, but they've also added in a brand new partygoer to the festivities.

The winner of a “Be in the Game” contest (along with the Game Grumps) was the YouTuber
LetyDoesStuff. So, if you're a fan of hers, you can chat, flirt and - well anything can happen at a house party, right?

Here are a few of the changes, but you can find the patch notes by clicking the button at the bottom of this news post:

  • Lighting improvements and color corrections
  • All sex animations are now synced better
  • Merged the thought bubble and system messages into one compact HUD
  • Implemented three new sex positions: Wall Sex, Wall Sex 2, and Wall Sex 3
  • Player can now grope male chests
  • You can now have up to 69 save games. Heh.
  • NPCs can no longer be “distracted” when making out
  • Characters will no longer roam to NPCs in the hot tub, which would cause them to stand around the hot tub clothed

House Party's latest update is available to download via Steam Early Access now.

Read the full patch notes
Andrew Duncan

Andrew Duncan


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