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Payday 2's Border Crossing Heist DLC Gets Trailer

Good news for those who were wanting more Payday 2 content as developer Starbreeze has announced the release date for the latest free and paid content. 

Titled Border Crossing, this new heist is part of three new paid DLCs for the popular first-person shooter and will see players head to Mexico. Here they will need to ruin the plans of series enemies Murkywater and the Dentist, who are trying to move lots of cash and illegal goods. In true Payday 2 style you and the rest of the gang will need to do what you do best and take these for yourself. You can see this heist in action in the above trailer. 

Alongside this DLC players can also look forward to two others, the Cartel Optics Mod Pack DLC and the Tailor Pack 1 DLC. These two packs include new weapon mods and outfits with a small section also be made available for free as part of the Silk Road update. This update will give players access to a new cosmetic system and is a free update. 

All of these DLCs will be made available on 7th November and at the time of writing, no pricing information has been released.

Payday 2 is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch. 

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