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Pillars of Eternity Celebrates Half a Million Sales

Pillars of Eternity Celebrates Half a Million Sales

Pillars of Eternity set records in 2012 with the most money funded to a video game ever on Kickstarter and now it's reached a new personal milestone with 500,000 copies sold since its launch earlier this year. 

 The epic RPG was envisioned as a spiritual successor to the Baldur's Gate and Icewind Dale series of games and with such high sales figures it wouldn't be unexpected if it repeated the success of those games. The first part of a two part expansion series The White March has already been released, a series of eBooks based around the game world is coming soon and a tabletop card game will be released next year.

Fredrik Wester, CEO of Paradox Interactive, expressed his delight at hitting the 500k mark in a press statement:

“It’s very encouraging to see so much enthusiasm for the classic CRPG alive and well within the gaming community, it’s a genre we’re very fond of ourselves, as evidenced by the large number of Pillars of Eternity backers within our own company. Given that Paradox itself grew from tabletop-inspired strategy games, we’ve always believed there was plenty of room for the ‘classic’ genres to thrive, and we’re very proud to see half a million players agree with us."


Gary "Dombalurina" Sheppard

Staff Writer

Gary maintains his belief that the Amstrad CPC is the greatest system ever and patiently awaits the sequel to "Rockstar ate my Hamster"

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