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Planet Coaster Vintage Pack Launches 10th July

Planet Coaster Vintage Pack Launches 10th July

Drawing from classic rides of yesteryear, Planet Coaster's next themed content patch, titled the "Vintage Pack," has a distinctly old-timey feel and aims to recapture to wonder of "the golden age of rides and rollercoasters."

The expansion pack will include a variety of classic rides, including the Zephyrus, an example of one of the world's first high-speed coasters from the 1920s. Other rides include Round the World, Loop Da Loop, Test Flight, and more.

The new pack is expected to drop on 10th July with a price tag of $10.99. Upon its launch, all Planet Coaster players will receive a free content pack, which will include the new coaster, Mouse Hunt, a "loving tribute to a dying breed of rickety and bumpy coasters with sharp corners and little banking through a unique grid based track." Also included in the free pack will be a new crane machine game, new food and drink vending machines, bedding plants, new color filters in keeping with the new pack's vintage theme, and a new, improved sorting system for scenery pieces.

Brienne Rose

Brienne Rose

News Writer

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