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PlayStation Plus Games For November 2021

PlayStation Plus Games For November 2021

This month sees a bumper edition of PlayStation Plus, with a whopping six games available to PS+ subscribers. Let's look at what's on offer.


First off we have the native PlayStation 5 versions (also available on PlayStation 4) of First Class Trouble and Knockout City. First Class Trouble is a social deduction multiplayer game in which players must work together and against each other in a desperate race to shut down a luxury spaceship's rogue A.I. As with all games of this genre, not everyone is who they appear to be, with select players being a human-looking robot hoping to sabotage and kill the human players. Knockout City is much more fast-paced and sees you teaming up with friends online to compete in frantic, fun dodgeball matches. But this isn’t just high-school dodgeball, desperately trying to avoid taking a huge red ball to the face. Knockout City has you pulling off gravity-defying shots in a range of dynamic, vibrant maps in order to bring your team to victory.

For the PlayStation 4 this month, we have Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, a gargantuan open world action-RPG where you can be any type of character you can think of thanks to its robust, customisable combat system. It also has a PS5 patch for those of you wanting to play it in native 4K. But that isn’t it just yet for all you non-VR owners...

The Walking Dead Saints and Sinners Keyart

As an added treat this month, PlayStation VR owners can join in the celebration of the peripheral's 5th Birthday with an extra three games! First off we have an extra special game: The Persistence. Not only are PSVR owners treated to a creepy, atmospheric romp through a starship swarming with mutants and monsters, but non-VR owners can play too! A free update now allows The Persistence to be played on a TV; perfect for those of us who can’t play horror games in VR. The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners is next, a zombie survival game that sees you taken on not only hordes of the undead in your search for supplies and survivors, but also desperate factions looking to take what you have. Until You Fall rounds off this list and sees fantasy mixed with synthwave in a rougelite hack-and-slasher, which has you cutting down enemies to the beat of the game's fantastic soundtrack. No two runs are ever the same in this neon-soaked world, keeping gameplay fresh and exciting everytime you play. Finally, 

Do any of these games interest you? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

Mike Crewe

Mike Crewe

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