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POSTAL 4: No Regerts - What's New in the "Wednesday" Update?

The chaotic open world sandbox POSTAL 4: No Regerts has received another Early Access update, the Wednesday Update. Can you guess which day of the week it adds to the Postal Dude's morally bankrupt week in the town of Edensin? Here's a hint: it ain't Friday. Of course, the addition of a new day also brings with it a slew of new Errands (AKA: missions), locations, factions and more. Check out the trailer above and read on for a look at the update's highlights.

POSTAL 4: No Regerts - Wednesday Update

What's New?

New Errands

  • Install Bidets - Get to work installing bidets in the compound of a faction of militant toilet paper advocates. What could go wrong? 
  • Kunny Island Opening Crasher - Crash the opening of new amusement park Kunny Island for Mayor Mike J, who wanted to use the land for his third mansion. Expect a worrying amount of creepy old men in this theme park. Yeah, we're worried too.
  • Mexi- Cleaner - A surge in the use of toilet paper has clogged the town's drains, leading to eruptions of human waste on the Mexican side of the Edensin's border. The Postal Dude, under orders from Mayor Mike J, must hop the border and clean up the American mess, all while being hassled by a mysterious group who'd prefer to profit off the waste—don't ask us how.
  • Bidet Petitioner - Set out and get signatures for the Mayor Mike J's bidet petition. Easy, right? Well, no.

New Factions

  • The Wipe Militants - A group of hardcore toilet paper enthusiasts who staunchly oppose Mayor Mike J's bidet-positive outlook.
  • The Shit Banditos - Working for a "taco-based Amercian fast food megacorporation", this group are driven to stop you from cleaning up the human waste that's bursting out onto the poor streets of Mexico. Why? Well, they want to use it as filling for their faux-Mexican food. Yep, pretty gross, and what's more, they're willing to fight the you for the rights to keep that human waste. Is that grosser? Perhaps.

New Locations

  • Industrial -  An industrial area of Edensin with a few affluent homes dotted around and a poorly-attended sports centre too. 
  • Affluent - An area of Edensin packed with lavish homes, the abodes of the town's rich and powerful.
  • Kunny Island -  An "outdoor family entertainment centre". Think Chuck E. Cheese if it had a greater focus on female genitalia... No wonder so many creepy old men are showing up to the grand opening.

Additional Features

  • New Outfits - Sexy outfit and Classic Trenchcoat outfit.
  • Quick Save and Quick Load - 'Nuff said.
  • Fluid Physics - Liquids will now roll down hills.
  • The Mop - A new tool/weapon which can be used to bash folks and also clean up messes (crucial for one mission in particular).
  • A range of improvements, tweaks and more...

It looks like the Postal Dude has a lot on his plate working for Mayor Mike J this Wednesday. Bidets, toilet paper advocate groups, American fast food megacorporations and human waste—just for a start. Who knows what Thursday and Friday have in store for the poor guy.

For more details about what you can expect in the Wednesday Update, check out the changelog below. 

POSTAL 4: No Regerts is out now on PC via Steam Early Access.

Read the full patch notes
Jamie Davies

Jamie Davies

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