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PowerWash Simulator Gets a New Update

PowerWash Simulator Gets a New Update

There is a new update for PowerWash Simulator that adds a few things to the game and fixes some  bugs:

  • New jobs: Subway Platform, Stunt Plane, Fortune Teller's Caravan, and Ancient Statue.
  • New cosmetics: Prime Vista Pro Skin Carbon.
  • New challenge: Vintage car - Time & Water.
  • Gnomes return: They have been improved as players will now be able to move them if they are in the way and they will appear in every level.
  • Plenty of fixes.

Additionally, after player complaints, the developers have made sure the character will no longer go down the ladder unless intended to. The update is now live for all the players to enjoy! 

Violet Plata

Violet Plata

Staff Writer

Liable to jump at her own shadow.

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