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Prey Weapon and Power Combos Trailer

Arkane Studios are revealing more of the unique abilities and powers players have the control over in their upcoming sci-fi horror reboot, Prey. In the latest gameplay trailer above, you can see the unique ways you can combine your tools, abilities, and weapons to combat the Typhon alien threat on board Talos I.

Prey returns this year on the fifth of May and puts you in the boots of Morgan, possibly mankind’s last hope aboard Talos I, a space station overrun by the overwhelming Typhon alien threat. Players have to use their wits and a mighty arsenal of weapons and incredible alien and human powers to fight back. With 24 human upgrades and 20 unique alien powers, all upgradable, it’s your choice, no players experience will be the same.

Calum Parry

Calum Parry

Staff Writer

A bearded fellow whom spends most days gaming and looking at tech he can never afford. Has a keen eye for news and owns a dog that's a bear.

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