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Project CARS Game of the Year Edition Launch Trailer

Bandai Namco and Slightly Mad Studios have released the epic launch trailer for Project CARS Game of the Year Edition, which can be seen above. The game is out now on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. As stated in the press release, the new edition compiles all of the content that's been released for Project CARS following its original May 2015 release.

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Players are now in the starting grid on their race to discover the best racing game of 2015: with all released DLC, adjustments and other content included in one complete sim experience package.

More than 50 cars, four tracks and over 60 community-created liveries have been added since launch: bringing the grand total to 125 cars and 35 locations over 100 layouts. More than 500 features and improvements have also been added based on community feedback. In addition, the Game Of The Year Edition will feature two special and exclusive items to Project CARS: the Nurburgring Combined Nordschieife + GP circuit and two exclusive Pagani vehicles: the Zonda Revolucion and Huayra BC.

James Robert Clements

James Robert Clements

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