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Project Warlock II Chapter 2 Out Now

Publisher Retrovine is delighted to announce the second chapter of Project Warlock II, the high-octane retro shooter from Buckshot Software, is now available! Following the success of the first entry, Project Warlock II has been on Steam Early Access for almost a year and a half now.

Following the story of Palmer, Chapter 2 of Project Warlock II will take a different path, diving into the tale of Urd. Cast out by her master and left to die at the hands of demons, Urd now seeks revenge and will utilise every skill she has to get it. With your help, she can achieve just that.

A brand new progression system allows players to customise their combat style with a plethora of different upgrades, that can tweak weapons as well as bolster Urd’s defences and magic. Chapter 2 of Project Warlock II brings 12 new levels, four new weapons, five new spells, and over 90 upgrades to tailor your gameplay to your playstyle and make every playthrough a brand new experience.

Project Warlock II is available now for Windows via Steam Early Access.

Luke Greenfield

Luke Greenfield

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