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PSA - Uplay Points Will Expire Soon

PSA - Uplay Points Will Expire Soon

If you've been playing a bunch of Ubisoft games over the last few years, you'll no doubt have received various achievements and a corresponding amount of Uplay Club Units. However, if you're been hoping to save up for something good, then you're soon going to be out of luck.

 Any units that you've acquired over two years ago, will expire on 1st April 2019. So, when you check your total on April Fool's Day, it's not a trick - you really did lose hundreds of units. That's because from the 1st of April, any units you obtain through playing games or purchasing things on the Ubisoft Store will expire after two years.

This is a change to the previous policy of them never expiring, so you only have three more weeks to use up some, if not all of your units , either for in-game items, desktop wallpapers, soundtracks, or a 20% discount on the Ubisoft Store.

You can find out how many of your units will expire on 31st March 2019, by clicking here and logging in. Make sure not to miss out on basically free in-game stuff by redeeming them, or grabbing that juicy 20% discount.

NOTE: Some of this does not apply to people with Canadian accounts. Find out more here.

Andrew Duncan

Andrew Duncan


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