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Pure Pool Launches on Switch

Offering a sleek yet fully-featured virtual pool experience, Pure Pool is out now for the Switch. Originally released back in 2014 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC (via Steam), this updated release comes bundled with the Snooker DLC and offers cross-play multiplayer with the PC version. Take a look at the launch trailer above.

The name may suggest a zero-thrills pool experience, but Pure Pool offers an array of gameplay modes, available in either solo or multiplayer: Speed Pot, Checkpoint and Royal Rumble to name three. There are also online leaderboards, so you can see where you stand in the global rankings in pool-based challenges such as Snooker Colours, Perfect Potter and Breakpoint.

Pure Pool is out now on the Switch. It's also available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC (although those versions launched six years ago).

Jamie Davies

Jamie Davies

Staff Writer

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