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RAGE 2 Gameplay Trailer Showcases Craziness

Bethesda has been pushing down the gas pedal on its drip-feed of RAGE 2 promotional content. Yesterday, they announced we were going to get a gameplay trailer, and today, that trailer dropped.

The trailer can be perfectly summarized with the tag-lines sprinkled throughout its last 50 seconds: Wide-open World, Insane Action, and Big F**king Guns. The combat seems Doom 2016-esque, there's a number of factions, different biomes, and a ton of color.

There was also an official statement announcing the game on Bethesda's website to accompany this new trailer. It details the story of the game and gives a brief summary of what the final product is aiming to be. The short version is that players will take control of a Vineland Ranger named Walker long after the cataclysm of the first RAGE decimated the surface world. Walker will need to face off against mutants, raiders, and the creatively-named "Authority" to survive.

 With Avalanche Studios, the developer of Just Cause and Mad Max, at the helm of the project, this next RAGE  title could prove much better than the original. The next bit of promo is set to drop on the 10th of June, at E3.

Caleb Ransbury

Caleb Ransbury

News Writer

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