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Refunds for PC Arkham Knight Extended

Refunds for PC Arkham Knight Extended

Warner Bros. have posted to Steam that they are extending the 'No questions asked' nature of refunds.

We are very sorry that many our customers continue to be unhappy with the PC version of Batman: Arkham Knight. We worked hard to get the game to live up to the standard you deserve but understand that many of you are still experiencing issues.

Until the end of 2015, we will be offering a full refund on Batman: Arkham Knight PC, regardless of how long you have played the product. You can also return the Season Pass along with the main game (but not separately). For those of you that hold onto the game, we are going to continue to address the issues that we can fix and talk to you about the issues that we cannot fix.

However, if you have already left a negative Steam review, do bear in mind that it will disappear when your refund is processed. That is the design of the Steam refund, and the cynical amongst gamers already suspect this is the real reason they have extended the refunds.

Because, despite now having almost 9000 positive reviews, there are over 10,000 negative reviews. When it was removed from sale, it had almost 6,000 negative reviews, and about 3,000 positive reviews.

Andrew Duncan

Andrew Duncan


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trbickmore - 12:39am, 21st December 2015

Oh sweet! Didn't know about that refund deal! While I can't refund the game because I got with a graphics card, I can get my £33 for the season pass.

Merry Christmas to me