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Remake Yourself With The New Addition Coming to Star Trek Online

Remake Yourself With The New Addition Coming to Star Trek Online

Star Trek Online has come a long way from it's 2010 release, adding more story, mechanics, and species with each content update. With the upcoming Unparalleled update coming soon, many captains may be considering going for a fresh look to take on the newest batch of content! However, having to start fresh to play as a different species can turn many off of the undertaking... at least until now! With the release of the newest update, venturous captains can change their species and keep their progress!


This new purchasable item, The Captain Alteration Token, can be used to change your species and gender, allowing captains to try out some of the species added after they started playing or just change in to something that feels more fitting. Costing 750 Zen (three for 1500!), these tokens can be purchased from the Zen store and traded on the exchange. They will also be on a 20% discount during the release of Unparalleed, 28th May to 11th June.

Note! There are a few restrictions:

  • The tutorial needs to be completed and you have to have had picked a primary faction.
  • The tailor will have a “Change Species” option to use the token. It will not be consumed until after you’ve finalized and confirmed your selections.
  • You will be limited to the species your faction has access to at character creation (Including any species you may have unlocked with Zen Store purchases or in other ways.) So, no Klingon pilots in the Romulan Repulic, we're afraid.
  • Your saved costumes will be carried over, however some costumes are not available on all characters, and there may be errors. If the system can’t find a good way copy a costume, it will return to the default outfit. (Note: This is a permanent process, and there is no way to undo it. If you want to switch back to your previous gender/species, you will have to spend another token)
  • Changing species will change your traits. If you chose to be an Alien for the extra trait, for example, and switch to a Vulcan, you will have the standard Vulcan traits instead. In order to facilitate species changes, your slotted Traits will be cleared when this token is applied.
  • This is a Captain token, so it will not work on your Bridge Officers.
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Martin Heath

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