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Resident Evil 3 Remake Won't Feature Multiple Endings or Mercenaries Mode

Resident Evil 3 Remake Won't Feature Multiple Endings or Mercenaries Mode

The upcoming Resident Evil 3 remake is the cover story for the 14th January issue of PlayStation Official Magazine UK, and one reddit user has grabbed a copy of the magazine early, posting screenshots of the article on the website.

The article has many interesting tidbits, but let’s get the unfortunate news out of the way first: neither the additional Mercenaries mode which was originally introduced in the 1999 version of the game, nor the multiple endings will be featured in this remake.

The former may come as less of a surprise, given that Resident Evil: Resistance - a standalone multiplayer experience - is being bundled into the main release. The lack of multiple endings, however, may come as a slight disappointment to some fans looking to re-experience the choice based outcomes from the original. This also means that the fight-or-flight decisions that would appear when confronting Nemesis in the original won’t factor into the remake either, but this will likely be accounted for with more dynamic and natural encounters.

The article also talks about the overall approach to the Racoon City exploration: the game won’t be open-world in the traditional sense, but there will be many opportunities for exploration. Some of the confirmed areas that players will be exploring are the main city streets that the game is arguably most well known for, shops, the Stagla petrol station, Racoon Press offices and the hospital.

Don’t expect exploration to be leisurely however. In the original game Nemesis would appear and rush the players at numerous intervals, and the remakes version of Nemesis will be built off improved AI from the Resident Evil 2 remake's infamous Mr X, so expect many nerve-wracking close calls throughout the course of the game. To get all of the grotesque details for Nemesis, a real life model was created by Capcom and then scanned into the game via photogrammetry. Talk about commitment to the main monster!

Speaking of monsters, the mutant worm enemies will be seeing a return in the remake. The removal of certain enemy types such as the giant spiders and moths was a criticism that some fans levied towards the Resident Evil 2 remake, so maybe there has been a conscious effort with this remake to bring back more old enemy types.

Lastly, Carlos will get his own playable section, much like in the original game. It’s currently unclear as to whether Carlos will be playable throughout more of the game, or if that section will be altered, but fans of the Umbrella soldier smooth-talker can breathe easy in knowing that he’ll be controllable in some form.

Resident Evil 3 remake is set to release 3rd April, 2020 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

Francis Kenna

Francis Kenna

Staff Writer

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