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Ring of Elysium Announces Pirate Carnival Event:

If you enjoy battle royales, but think they’ve been missing swashbuckling pirate swag, then you’re in luck - Ring of Elysium is running a Pirate Carnival event until 3rd May 2019. The latest patch update for the game recently hit live servers and with it comes the Season 3 Adventure Pass, underwater combat with the Diver Propulsion Vehicle, hidden treasure, and the chance to storm a pirate ship.

You can earn gold, diamonds and pearls - classic pirate booty - by looting sunken treasure chests and boarding the helicopter. Spend those currencies to get pirate-themed accessories, as well as vehicle and weapon skins. And, if you log into Ring of Elysium seven days in a row, you’ll be rewarded with a pirate’s most beloved mate - a Parrot accessory.



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