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Riot Games' Project L Receives Official Name in New Gameplay Trailer

After the recent Riot Games layoffs that marked the end of Riot Forge, many players were uncertain of the future of their Project L fighter game, which was announced on the 10th anniversary of League of Legends. As we mentioned in our article that followed the layoffs, Project L and Project F are both still in play, as these are part of the R&D that Dylan Jajeda, the new CEO at Riot Games, wanted to focus on.

Now, just a few weeks after the layoffs and cancellations of studios, Riot Games has released the official first-look trailer at Project L, which has now received the official title 2XKO. In a short, less-than-a-minute-long video, 2XKO is announced to be the official name alongside the reveal of some gameplay elements and champions that will be present at the debut of the title.

Not only did we get a look at five announced champions — all of which are Ahri, Darius (both of these which were part of the Riot Pls 10th anniversary), Ekko (who we knew was confirmed since Arcane was a huge hit), Yasuo, and Illaoi. Their kits and gameplay elements were showcased front and centre, with their combos and abilities, alongside short cinematics for what might be their special abilities.

Project L Is Now 2XKO 0 20 screenshot

Looking at 2XKO itself, it'll be a 2v2 tag-based fighting game, where it seems two players will take control of different characters and head out into the arena by tagging in and out, encouraging team play and communication. The second playable demo will take place at Evo Japan from the 27th of April to the 29th of April in Tokyo, but sign-ups for playtests are already available for anyone who's interested in taking a dive into 2XKO as soon as possible. 

The official release of 2XKO is still ways away, but we're excited to find out more about any new, upcoming features and more champions to be announced. In the meantime, 2XKO is eyeing a 2025 official release date on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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