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Rockstar Games Launcher Released

Rockstar Games Launcher Released

Rockstar Games has just joined the growing list of companies that have a launcher for PC games. It will allow you to play games, buy games, and has cloud saving.

Upon installation you are told that if you have previously installed Grand Theft Auto V or Max Payne 3, you will now access them through the Rockstar Games Launcher - and to help you out it will scan your PC once it's finished installing and you're all signed in.

If you download the launcher for a limited time close to launch, Rockstar is giving you Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. Just claim it when you log into the launcher. The games available to buy via the launcher are:

You can also purchase Shark Cards, the in-game currency for GTA V. It is a good bet that, should Red Dead Redemption 2 come to PC, it will be exclusive to this launcher.

You can download the launcher here.

Andrew Duncan

Andrew Duncan


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