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Rooster Teeth Games Debuts Vicious Circle Gameplay Trailer

Rooster Teeth Games has released a first look at the gameplay for their new game Vicious Circle. The new trailer is the most we have seen of the game so far showing off the game’s visuals and explaining the overall premise of it.

Vicious Circle is round-based and each round there are four mercenary players and one “massive unstoppable monster”. The goal of the monster is simply to kill the mercenaries before they complete their goal, but it will have to do so strategically because taking on all the mercenaries at once could lead to death. As the mercenaries, your goal is to collect as many nuggets as you can and escape, but only the mercenary with the greatest number of nuggets can escape. So, you are working with each other against the monster, but also against each other to actually win the game and have the greatest number of nuggets towards the end.

The entire idea of the playable monster vs. human players has been seen countless times throughout the last few years. Games like Evolve from Turtle Rock Studios and Dead by Daylight from Behaviour Interactive have already tackled this with the latter showing great success, but we haven’t seen a version that pins the human players against each other while fighting the unstoppable monster that chases them.

Vicious Circle is expected to release later this summer on PC.

Richard Shivdarsan

Richard Shivdarsan

Staff Writer

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