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RuneScape Kicks Off 20th Anniversary Celebrations

RuneScape Kicks Off 20th Anniversary Celebrations

Iconic MMO RuneScape is celebrating its 20th anniversary with an array of events, quests, story content and some real-life collectibles releasing throughout 2021. Since releasing in 2001, developer Jagex has taken RuneScape from strength to strength over 1,000 different content updates. So what makes these 20th anniversary updates so special? Let's find out.

RuneScape 20th Anniversary Celebrations

  • The Grand Party - A huge in-game event (live now), found in Lumbridge Crater, that honours the game's 20-year history. Also available here are the exclusive 20th Anniversary Cape and Outfit.
  • Once Upon a Time - A four-part anniversary quest to be released throughout the year. It will act as a "celebratory romp through RuneScape’s past, present, and even provide a glimpse of its future". It begins on the 25th January with a prologue called "Foreshadowing".
  • Elder Gods Story Arc - More story content involving the mythical creators of the universe will be released over the course of the year.
  • RuneScape on Mobile - The full release of RuneScape on iOS and Android will launch in 2021, with full cross-play support with the PC version.
  • Old School RuneScape Content - A bevy of 20th anniversary content is also planned for RuneScape's legacy version too!
  • RuneScape: The First 20 Years–An Illustrated History - A companion book, published by Dark Horse Books and set to release in the latter half of 2021, which maps out the past 20 years of RuneScape's history with interviews, behind-the-scenes looks and high-quality artwork.
  • Real-Life Collectibles - A range of collectibles will be available to purchase throughout the year, including a gold vinyl pressing of RuneScape: Original Soundtrack Classics, a Tutorial Island pin badge and more to be announced throughout the year (available to buy on the official Jagex merchandise store).

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That's a strong offering for a now decades-old game! RuneScape may not have been making headlines and drawing public attention all throughout that time, but it has still been a constant and reliable presence in the gaming industry. That's an impressive feat for the Cambridge-based developer, and it's one that very much deserves a celebration like this. You can read all about the anniversary celebrations on the RuneScape website.

RuneScape's 20th anniversary celebrations have commenced and will continue to roll out as 2021 continues.

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Jamie Davies

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