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RuneScape’s Rarest Item Ever Returns to Celebrate 20th Anniversary

RuneScape’s Rarest Item Ever Returns to Celebrate 20th Anniversary

You read that right! The Party Hat, RuneScape's rarest and most valuable item, is making a grand return! Available exclusively for the 20-year anniversary and limited to one per player, the Golden Party Hat offers everyone one more chance to acquire the legendary item itself.

The anniversary event will run for six weeks, from 22nd November 2021 through to 3rd January 2022. Players will have to find eight golden shards through various activities and then combine them with magic to lay their hands on the sweet, sweet end prize.

Party Hats have long been representative of legendary status in the RuneScape community, due to their rarity — even though they were originally given freely en masse! Selling now in the game’s Grand Exchange for the maximum price of 2.1 billion gold, nothing is more recognisable in the history of Gielinor.

In addition to the Golden Party Hat event, RuneScape’s 20th Anniversary questline is drawing to a close too, with the fourth and final part of “Once Upon a Time” also releasing on the 22nd of November. This questline visits the past, present, and future of Gielinor, and players can help antagonist Relomia to make a real difference to the world after the continued standoffs.

RuneScape is free-to-play, and you can access it through Jagex’s website, and on mobile.

Kyle Nutland

Kyle Nutland

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