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Rust's February Update is Chock-Full of Additions

Cut-throat multiplayer survival sandbox, Rust, is continuing to receive solid support years after release. February's update is a firm example of this, here's what players can expect to find after downloading the update this month:

  • Modular Auto Turrets - Any weapon (even with attachments) can be inserted into an automatic turret, although the turret will be limited by the gun's existing magazine size.
  • Death Screen Stats - Various stats including kill counts, weapon specifics and resource counts will be shown to players upon their in-game death.
  • Steam Rich Presence - Rust now communicates with Steam's new 'Rich Presence' functionality, meaning that more information about player's in-game activities and location will be shown in the Steam friends list.
  • Redesigned Road Generation Algorithm - Roads should be laid out more intelligently and suffer from less clipping issues following the latest update. Certain monuments are now also placed along the 'main ring' road for more central access.
  • General Map and Performance Optimisations - The game should run smoother and be less taxing on hardware than previously.
  • Added Support for MIDI Sustain Pedals - In-game music creation is being expanded with support for MIDI sustain pedals, allowing for a 'wider range of instrumentation'. (.mid files can also now be loaded natively in-game.)
  • General Tweaks - Including hit-detection optimisation, horse armour tweaks and limits to fireworks (for the sake of in-game performance).

Rust's February update is available to download now.

Jamie Davies

Jamie Davies

Staff Writer

Raised on a steady diet of violent shooters and sugary cereal. He regrets no part of this

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