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Saints Row 2 Now Backwards Compatible on Xbox One

Saints Row 2 Now Backwards Compatible on Xbox One

Develped by Volition and published by now defunct THQ Saints Row 2 is now playable for a new generation of open world aficionados.  Turning 10 this year, Saints Row 2 marked a shift from emulating the Grand Theft Auto series and instead focusing in on features unique to the Saints Row series.

While there has not been any recent news with the Saints Row series since the most recent entry in 2013 Saints Row IV it would be shocking if the series lay dormant much longer.  Being Volition's biggest and most successful series Saints Row is even more important now that Volition's other potential series of games Agents of Mayhem sold poorly.

Rob Kratz

Rob Kratz

News Writer

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Acelister - 10:13pm, 3rd May 2018

Gat Out of Hell came out in 2015.

At least this gives me an excuse to play through the second game again.