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Salt and Sacrifice the 2D Soulslike Title Now Available on PC and PlayStation

2D Soulslike Salt and Sacrifice, the follow up to Salt and Sanctuary from Ska Studios and Devoured Studios, has made its way onto the PlayStation and PC. You play as a Marked Inquisitor who is trying to do penance for your past crimes by hunting corrupted Mages. Arriving in the Altarstone Kingdom, you see how these Mages have sucked the life out of this once thriving land by using their elemental magic. Save this forsaken kingdom, fighting against these Mages with one of eight character classes. You will have to purify the land, and if successful, you can earn redemption once and for all. 

Master these different classes like the range, spear-wielder, archer, and spell-casting Mage to challenge dangerous foes, gather materials and find armaments if you are an intrepid Inquisitor. Spend the Salt you earn by defeating enemies to upgrade your stats, or spend any Black Starstones you find to unlock upgrades on the skill tree to make yourself a capable Mage hunter. Each zone you travel to is full of traps, challenging platforming obstacles, and terrifying enemies like Pyromancers, Corpumancers, and Venomancers that will do anything they can to stop you by bending elements to their own will. 

Defeat Mages in battle and become more powerful by destroying their hearts and turning their bones into armour sets and weapons before you advance. Play online multiplayer against others in PvP invasions or participate in cooperated Mage hunts. Invite friends using a password system in the Pardoner's Vale Cooperation Board or use the Golden Candle to summon random players to the hunt. For more multiplayer options, you can join a faction like the Shroud Alliance, which uses the Page of Curses to invade the worlds of other Inquisitors for PvP fights, or if you want to help others who are being invaded, join the Oathbound Watchers.

This is a challenging title that tells a story full of lore while you take on challenging platforming levels with the aid of your grappling hook. Take on the main mission alone, or with other players. The main campaign is full of deadly boss fights, so you will have to spend the Salt you earn to turn your Inquisitor into a champion.

Salt and Sacrifice builds upon the foundation that made Salt and Sanctuary a fan-favorite soulslike,” said James Silva, founder, Ska Studios. “As a game largely developed by two people, we’ve worked tirelessly to build an experience that offers meaningful combat, exciting multiplayer options, and more. We can’t wait to see you all in Altarstone Kingdom!”

Salt and Sacrifice is now available in multiple languages — English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified) and Japanese — for the PlayStation 5|4 and PC exclusively via Epic Games Store for USD $19.99. 

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Alana Dunitz

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