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Saltsea Chronicles Developer, Die Gute Fabrik, is Shutting Down

Saltsea Chronicles Developer, Die Gute Fabrik, is Shutting Down

On a X posted 26th February,  the Copenhagen-based developer Die Gute Fabrik, know for the recent Saltsea Chronicle and Mutazione, have made the difficult decision to close down. Though all hope is not lost, production has been stopped as of 19th of February.

Though the reasons are many, the studio state that the current state of the publishing and investment scheme as the main reason for their decision, as it has made finding reliable funding for their projects difficult. While the production of new content is shut down, Die Gute Fabriks will still work to service their current IPs. The search for funding is also still active, though the developers and leadership teams are looking for new roles.

Die Gute Fabrik has been developing games since 2008 and the land of gaming will be lesser for their departure.

Martin Heath

Martin Heath

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