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Season 4 Of Deep Rock Galactic Launches On Steam Today!

The fourth season of Deep Rock Galactic launches today on Steam! Named Critical Consumption, the new season continues expanding on the new scourge terrorizing Hoxxes IV seen in season 3, the Rockpox. In Critical Consumption, the ever-diligent miners will have to battle the new Lithophage Corruptor, giant sentient creatures born of the plaguehearts and spreading Rockpox to every corner of the planet, one cave at a time. These Corruptors are no pushovers, as their hard outer shells are impervious to regular ammunition! Break through their shell with company-issued Cleansing Equipment and destroy their core!

In addition to the Corruptors, the Rockpox has infected other denizens of Hoxxes, creating new variants such as the Mactera Bombers and Naedocyte Breeders! Additionally, two completely new creatures have emerged: the Glyphid Stingtail, a heavily armoured creature with sharp horns and a grabby tail, and Glyphid Septic Spreader, a walking mortar shooting heavy globules of bio-matter. Nothing a professional can´t handle, right?

Thankfully, DRG has not left us high and dry with the addition of the jet boots, which can be found in crates within the caves. The boots give the miners the miraculous power of flight, opening up new strategies and opportunities for the clever miner; just watch your head! Additionally, as summer is fast closing in, feel the breeze with the new sleeveless armour toggle for all owned armour sets! If you still find yourself feeling warm, check out the new drink at the Abyss Bar, the Randoweisser! The company waves any and all changes to style and load out that may result in drinking Randoweisser.

As in earlier Seasons, a new and sexy DLC, The Decontaminator Pack, has been released and includes a set of full mesh reskins for weapons and a few themed paint jobs! The new season also brings numerous weapon balance tweaks. Rock and Stone!

For console players, Critical Corruption emerges next week, June 22nd on the Xbox and PlayStation!

Martin Heath

Martin Heath

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