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See Regis III From a New Perspective in the Latest the Invincible - Voyager Trailer!

The Invincible, the sci-fi atompunk adventure by 11 bit studios and Starward Indistries, is back and better than ever with the latest update, which adds some great fixes and features to make your time on Regis III both more enjoyable and beautiful. Titled Voyager, the update is live now on both Steam and consoles!

 First on the list of improvements is an enhanced Walk and Sprint Speed, which will allow players to move just a hint faster in some of the game's longer sections. While this newly found speed is restricted somewhat by dialogues and pacing, the change is still noticeable and welcome. The camera angle used while driving around on the Rover has also been changed, adding in the option of using a third-person camera while zipping about on the vehicle. Finally, an experimental FOV feature has been added, allowing players to see the majesty of Regis III wider Field of View!

In addition to these fixes and features, new Slides have been added to the game, adding even more depth to Yasna's journey and giving gamers a reason to explore the planet yet again.

In celebration of the release of The Invincible: Voyager, the game is on sale on Steam at a 33% discount! This promotion will last until 16th May, so get those spacesuits prepped!

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Martin Heath

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