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See V In Action In New Devil May Cry 5 Trailer

During The Game Awards 2018, Capcom released a new trailer for the upcoming Devil May Cry 5 title. This new trailer gave viewers plenty of gameplay to enjoy but also provided the first look at the third playable character V. 

Unlike Dante and Nero V has a unique fighting style that sees him summon three different demons to assist him in battle. This includes a swift, four-legged panther-like creature with savage agility, a bird-like demon possessing aerial combat skills and the ability to carry V through the world and finally Nightmare, a gigantic demon that can punch, kick and fire beams of light to destroy anything standing in the way. 

Alongside the trailer, Microsoft announced that an exclusive demo for Devil May Cry 5 would be coming to Xbox One and is available right now. But wait, there is more. As the end of the trailer confirms that the fan-favourite Bloody Palace Mode will be making a comeback as a free update after the titles releases. 

Devil May Cry 5 is releasing on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on 8th March, 2019. 

Nikki Koolonavich

Nikki Koolonavich

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