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See What New Challenges The Seas Have To Offer In The Fish And Ships Update Trailer!

Fans of the frantic ship-based co-op combat title Ship of Fools are in for a treat, as the first free major update, coined Fish and Ships, is out now for all platforms! Contained within are new ships, new characters, and new challenges galore!

The first major addition is the Great Lighthouse, a landmark smack dab in the middle of the game's hub. Can you and your buddy restore this ancient building to its former glory? Take on a series of ever more difficult challenges as you seek out the resources needed! Don't worry, there are a bunch of unique rewards waiting. In addition to this new quest, the update also adds Otto, the reverse Kraken, a friendly face that can construct three different ships for you to try out, each complete with their own animations, artefacts and challenges!

Can you hear the call of the sea? The Fish and Ships update is available now on all platforms!

Martin Heath

Martin Heath

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